Automatically change your footer copyright

Posted on 28 September 2011 by

Another year passes by with all the usual fun and frivolity, however, Did you remember to change your Copyright on your website footer?

Chances are, this wasn’t too high on your list, and you might overlook it until somebody mentions it to you.

There is no reason to have to do this yearly maintenance if you don’t mind doing a little cut and pasting.

First, find where your copyright is inserted. In Joomla, it is generally at the bottom of the templates index.php file. Depending on the template, it may be in a different location. Your mileage may vary.

Automatically change your footer copyright 1

Now, we will simply change the 2009 date, to this bit of php code:

(Remove the space after the < and before the >)

< ?php echo date('Y');? >

So it looks like this now.

Automatically change your footer copyrigh 2

Matthew King


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