Create shortcuts in Joomla Admin

Posted on 28 September 2011 by

Create shorcuts in Joomla Admin

If you find yourself constantly clicking through the menu systems of Joomla to get to a particular place, I have a time-saving tip for you. It’s really quite easy to create a custom list of shortcuts you often use and place it in the control panel of your Joomla admin.

To Create shortcuts in Joomla Admin, do the following:

  1. Copy the links you mostly use from the backend.
  2. Go to the Module manager
  3. Click  Administrator
  4. Create a new Custom HTML module and put in your links there
  5. You will want to create meaningful anchor texts for your links instead of using the links themselves. It is easier to use that way.
  6. Assign the module to the “cpanel” position and save the module.

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