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Posted on 29 September 2011 by

In Joomla, you may have noticed that next to your article ‘created date’, you now have the text ‘Created on’ which can be unsightly in certain situations. The good news is there’s a few ways to remove this text: by turning off the created date or modify the language file.

If you want to remove the entire date, along with the ‘created on’ text you have 3 choices:

  1. You can turn off the date on a single article by going to Article Manager and opening the article you wish to remove the date.  In the right column, you’ll see the Article Options category. There, you can switch the Show Create Date option to Hide and save the article.
  2. Secondly, you can also control the display of this by going to Menu Manager, selecting the menu containing the menu item linking to the article and editing the menu item that points to your article.  In the right column of this menu item you will see the Article Options category, where you can change the Show Create Date option to Hide and save the menu item.
  3. The third method to remove the created date is to turn off the created date globally.  You can do this by going to Article Manager and clicking the Options button in the top right corner.  There, you can click the Articles tab and click the Hide radio button for the Show Create Date option and save.

If you only want to remove the text ‘Created on’, but leave the date, you’ll need to edit the language file for your site:

1. Navigate to /language/en-GB (given your site is using the English language).

2. Edit the en-GB.com_content.ini file

3. Find this line


4. Change this line to read


5. Refresh your browser and the text ‘Created on’ should be gone.  You may need to clear your Joomla! and/or browser cache.



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