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Some questions about Module RizVN FeedBurner Subscription

Posted on 05 October 2011 by

Author: Paul Pronin
Author Email:

Q: Under basic options, Show Feed Counter (FC), your comment states: “This feature need to be activated in FeedBurner Control Panel. Where do I locate “Control Panel”?

A: Video Activate the FeedCount in FeedBurner Control Panel

Q: Tried to provide e-mail address and subscribe, after pushing “Go” end up on this page: Where and how I can enable subscriptions by mail enabled?

A: Video Activate the Email Subscriptions in FeedBurner Control Panel

Q: At the bottom of the module you have a FeedBurner Subscription link to your page. Since you don’t charge for the module, I don’t mind having this link, however this link navigates visitors from my page… . How can I change it so that link opens new browser “tab”?

A: I fixed this problem, please download and install again!
Download here:


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