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The Best Travel Joomla Templates

Posted on 17 September 2012 by Phuoc Nguyen

travel joomla templatesFinding a suitable travel joomla templates is perhaps the most important task when creating a travel website. Creating the right look and feel that represents the type of travel and destinations you are offering is paramount if you want to take your viewers on a journey. By visiting your site, you want them to feel like they are already there; a website selling adventure back-packing holidays in the Far East, for example, will need to inject that same sense of adventure and the ‘unknown’ into its imagery. Likewise, a website selling luxury cruises from Southampton to exotic destinations will want their website to ooze class, with imagery that conveys the level of pure luxury onboard the ships. The same theory applies if you are writing a travel blog; your travels will be highly personal to you, so make sure your experiences and expeditions are justified in the blog’s design. Remember, travel is a journey; and a website that can be the start of that journey is essential. Here is a list of the best travel joomla templates:

The best car joomla templates

Posted on 05 September 2012 by Phuoc Nguyen

car joomla templatesA subject as varied and developed as automobiles means that finding the correct Joomla template is a confusing, convoluted task. Whilst there is a great deal of choice, finding the correct template that leaves the correct impression is mandatory. Many people will discard your blog just on the basis of a poor or ugly design and layout. Whether you are hoping to spread your message or to make monetary gain from your blog, it is vital that you attract your audience and keep them enticed and comfortable. Imagine your layout as a museum; creating the ambience, the lighting and the sounds are every bit as important as the content in your effort to create a positive atmosphere. This positive and welcoming atmosphere will allow the content to be viewed and enjoyed in the manner that you wish them to be. Here is a short list of the best car joomla templates available for Joomla:

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