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Akeeba Backup - Backup & Restore joomla websiteAkeeba Backup is a free extension for joomla. Akeeba Backup helps you backup, restore and transfer your site in seconds with the most popular Joomla! component. Akeeba Backup is our award-winning full site backup component for Joomla! sites.

Key Features:

One click

That’s all it takes to create a full site backup. The archive includes your database, files and the restoration script.

Multiple formats

Standard ZIP archives, highly optimised JPA archives or AES-128 secured JPS archives. It’s your choice.

In control

You get to chose what should be left out of the backup. Files or tables. And with multiple backup profiles you only set it up once.

Don’t think

Let Akeeba Backup do the thinking. Click on the Configuration Wizard and let it configure itself, optimally for your server.

Migrate. Move. Duplicate.

Migrate your site to a different server. Move it to a different location. Or create an exact clone. With Akeeba Backup, it’s a piece of cake!

Take it to the Cloud

What good is a backup if your server goes down forever? Don’t risk! Let Akeeba Backup automatically copy it to the Cloud. Built-in support for Amazon S3, DropBox and much more!

Sleep tight

Akeeba Backup can take backups automatically. With four different automation ways, one is always compatible with your site. Let it backup and sleep tight!

Instant roll-back

Did that extension update break your site? No problem! Our System Restore Point technology will roll it back for you. No fuss, no mess.

And beyond!

With an ever expanding feature set, it’s hard to find something missing. Even if you do, ask it. Our genies will grant your wish. Just like that!

Download Akeeba Backup:


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