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RizVN FeedBurner Subscription is a simple module. It shows FeedBurner Subscription Form with nice style.

It can save space for your website. Fully customizable from back-end.



- Available for:  

- Show description (it displays before Subscription form)

- Set Width of Subscription form.

- Show Text of Subscription form.

- Show FeedCount (This features must be enabled in FeedBurner Control Panel)

- Set color of FeedCount.

- Set Animated FeedCount.

- Easy to use.

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Download RizVN FeedBurner Subscription

- For Joomla 1.5: Click here

- For Joomla 1.6 - 1.7 – 2.5: Click here

- For Joomla 3x: Click here

This is an extension which developed by RizVN and PhuocUB.


nice mod, thk you

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