Gail G. Welch Posted on 11:18 am

Best e-commerce page or online store

From ease of navigation and accessibility to valuable and commercial content, there are thousands of considerations to take into account before creating an e-commerce site.

Those of an e-commerce or ecommerce page.

So let’s start with the first step, which a lot of people, unfortunately ignore, but it is fundamental to a good electronic sales process and something that a good ecommerce site should have:

Choose a good name and domain name for your online store or ecommerce:

This is one of the most fun parts of the project, so enjoy it and take your time. It should be easy to remember and easy to write
In the case of the domain it would be positive if it contained keywords that interest us, because it will help us to position ourselves in the search engines in the chosen terms. Try to make it a .com, or a .es if you are only going to sell in Spain.

How do I start with my online store or ecommerce?

If you can not hire someone to create your ecommerce, do not worry, there are several providers in the market that offer this option. Leave in their hands the coding, hosting and maintenance of your website on your own server or on an external one.

There are many companies that offer this option at a reasonable price. Some will let you choose your own design and operation, as well as upload your catalog, customize your shopping cart and access online payment services. You can connect your e-commerce site from your website.

Choose a good hosting provider for your online store or ecommerce:

This is practically the only real and obligatory investment you will have to make to have your e-commerce if your project is humble, so don’t be stingy and look for a company that offers you a quality hosting with guaranteed fast loading, something that is indispensable for a good user experience and positioning in search engines.

Also make sure that your hosting guarantees you enough space for your online store to avoid server crashes and that they always have your store available 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

Choose a good wholesaler for your ecommerce or online store:

Or someone who will efficiently send our products to the customers who previously requested them. This is essential to avoid us investing in stock and having to worry about logistics. The dropshipping company will take care of all this. This obviously means delegating and therefore an additional expense, but it will save us headaches and allow us to focus on what really matters and we master: our product.

There is always the alternative of taking over distribution. And even the direct manufacture of our product (with the costs of time, labour, transport and so on), but if we are talking about a small company, dispensing with intermediaries sounds great but unrealistic.

But not to be dismissed; everyone who takes advantage of their possibilities. But what we are talking about is something else, so the dropshipping company will take care of it all.

There are plenty of wholesalers and dropshippers, so make sure you choose one with guarantees, do some testing before you sell directly to your customers, and have one in the room already chosen in case you have to change. And be careful what you sign with them; leave yourself an escape valve.

Which payment system to use for your online shop or ecommerce:

It is essential to offer as many payment methods as possible. If you can offer 3, better than 2, and so on. There are as many payment methods as there are types of customers. Remember that there is a lot of competition and customers are not loyal. If you don’t offer them, they will go elsewhere.

In Spain there is a big problem with banks and payment gateways as many of them only offer the service to companies that have been operating with the entity for a long time, or to large companies. Some branches do not know what you are talking about when you tell them about your problems, and others do not even want to know, and others will put all the obstacles you have had, and even more so if you are not a big company.

The typical story of the big and the small. Even so, it is possible to achieve this by being a new company. Many times it depends, not on your ability to sell but on your intelligence when it comes to negotiating, so good luck and the bull.

But if you find it too difficult, either because of banks, technical limitations or teller dictators, which there are, when it comes to integrating the payment gateway there are alternative solutions. The answer is PayPal. I could recommend another thousand payment gateways, there are hundreds of alternatives.

But since we’re not talking about specific situations or businesses, there are a number of parameters to keep in mind that are universal: one that is secure, with no monthly fees or records, and whose fees are not excessive. Something as good, nice and cheap. That does not exist, obviously, so calibrate your situation and your possibilities.

If you’re just starting out I recommend PayPal, as it meets the condition that I believe is key if you’re a layman: security and reliability. Cheap things tend to be expensive, and more so if you don’t move too well in this world. However, pull the “Goolgle God”. He usually knows more than your brother-in-law and is very accessible.

PayPal provides us with a payment gateway that allows us to charge our customers by card. Its installation is extremely simple and the only cost it will have for us will be the commission (quite high, here’s the kicker) that PayPal will charge us for each transaction we make.

Even so I recommend it. Money solves problems, and sometimes trying to save on important things is a double expense, even though it sounds like a paradox.