Gail G. Welch Posted on 8:25 am

Introduction to Content Marketing

Content Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most talked about topics in Digital Marketing.

Content Marketing, also known as “Content Marketing”, is one of the most widely used and fastest growing tools in the digital ecosystem. This discipline is in fashion and it seems to have come to stay, being its main value the change in consumer behavior.

Today, consumers are no longer passive, but research and seek out brands. Without a doubt, the way of doing marketing has changed.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is one of the most widespread marketing techniques today, which is based on constantly generating relevant, consistent and defined information to our target audience, in order to generate traffic and retain it on our website.

A Content Marketing strategy must be continuous over time and be focused on the fact that the company itself can communicate through its own means. In addition, we have to develop our strategy in a natural and logical way, with the aim of generating trust and lasting and loyal relationships.

One of the characteristics to emphasize of this technique, is that it is a non-intrusive marketing, since we do not persecute to sell our products and/or services to the users, we persecute to contribute to these a information that contributes a differential and added value to them.

While it is true that the objective has a commercial side, the ways to attract the public are less invasive and more natural.

Finally, the objective is to make our users see how and in what way we can help them to solve their needs, taking advantage of the generated content to, obviously, talk about our products and/or services.

In the early stages of a commercial process, what users demand is basically information. If we are able to bring traffic to our website through relevant content (quality traffic) we can transform potential customers into real customers.

Content Marketing is a technique that can be used by any type of company, whether large, medium or small, a freelancer or an individual, and that helps lay the necessary foundations to develop a brand.

The fundamental pillars of Content Marketing

Through Content Marketing we will try to create quality content, and then distribute and position it with the aim of reaching the greatest number of users possible.

Every Content Marketing strategy must take into account the fundamental pillars, which will revolve around a central and totally differentiating axis: a corporate blog.

Creating valuable content

It is obvious that the key to our Content Marketing strategy lies in adding value to users, but what does the content have to have in order to be considered as adding value?

The content created has to be able to answer the questions and concerns of users and for that we have to be able to generate content that provides relevant and useful information.

A practice that we should avoid all the time is to duplicate content, that is, to copy content directly from other websites. Unfortunately, there are many cases of duplicated content.

If we are able to generate valuable, unique and relevant content, we can find a number of really interesting benefits: better links from other quality pages, lower bounce rates because users will be spending more time on our site, etc.

The creation of content, as we have indicated, has to be done regularly, basically because our followers will be waiting for new articles of value and, in addition, Google rewards those sites that are regularly updated with new content.

Content optimization

When we create content, we have to be aware that we have to optimize it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), since this is the only way we can achieve a good positioning in a natural way in the main search engines and especially in Google.

To appear in the first positions is really complicated since the competition is enormous, but we must not give up, since it is a work whose results will be reflected in the medium or long term.

SEO positioning is worked On Page, that is to say, through a set of actions that we can carry out on our website and it depends totally on our work, and Off Page, which are all the actions that are carried out outside our website and it does not depend strictly on us, but we can carry out actions to improve it.

Distribution in Social Networks

The last pillar of Content Marketing can be found in social networks, which we will use as an ideal means to spread the content we create over time.

At this point, it is important to emphasize that it is essential to make a strategic planning to reach the largest number of users possible, that they share it, comment on it, recommend it and help us to spread the content to achieve the greatest possible impact.